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A criminal arrest and/or conviction has serious, lifelong consequences. When college students find themselves arrested, the criminal charges can be just the start of their problems. The academic institution that they attend may frown on that behavior, leading to expulsion. A conviction on their record may also hamper their chances of pursuing a career. We can help.  You may be eligible for treatment as a youthful offender and have your record sealed from the public.

Attorney Ronald Smith understands what is at stake when a college student is facing criminal charges. A conviction can delay the pursuit of a degree or end a career before it even starts. At our firm, we represent students at all area universities.

While an immediate plea of guilty may be an option to resolve the case, that admission only creates more problems. A college student speaking to police or prosecutors prior to getting legal help only makes a bad situation worse. It compromises his or her rights at a time that those rights need protection.

At the law office of Ronald  Smith, we spend time with students and their parents and help them through a stressful and uncertain time. Our focus is on securing second chances for our clients. When it comes to a promising future of a college student, it is vital that your lawyer help the student focus on the potential long-term consequences of a criminal charge, especially if the student is facing charges of:

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